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Natural remedies to get fit in winter

Natural remedies to get fit in winter

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How to avoid the flu, rhino, gastro and other low tone and morale? Without waiting to have to make an appointment with the doctor

, adopt a healthy lifestyle and familiarize yourself with natural remedies.

Lack of light, cold and wind, viruses of all kinds ... Winter can be a difficult season to go through if you are in poor health. There are, however, some great tips for staying on top of your game and therefore enjoying this time of year.

The foundations of good health

Eat healthy, sleep well, breathe and move… These basics obviously help the body to be at its best. Focus your diet as much as possible on fresh, seasonal, organic fruits and vegetables, and cook delicious, energy-dense meals yourself.

Season your menus every day withgarlic (natural antibiotic), turmeric fresh, and sprouted seeds to stock up on vitamins.

If your mornings are rough, move your bedtime forward by at least an hour to recharge your batteries, and take a brisk walk outside at least once a day to work your heart and lungs.

Energy boosters

Some dietary supplements can also help you feel better. One tablet ofacerola-vitamin C per day, for example, is an effective cure to start the fall.

Like children, adults should also take vitamin D throughout the winter, to compensate for the lack of natural light: opt for a natural product like vitamin D3 ++ from Dplantes.

You can also, in addition, equip yourself with a light therapy lamp to sunbathe every morning for breakfast. Finally, alternating cures of magnesium chloride and / or frozen pollen complement this fitness program perfectly.

Natural pharmacy

Ouch, are you sick? There are many ways to defend yourself from the first symptoms: for gastroenteritis, 10 granules of parathyphoidinum 9CH to let melt under the tongue are an effective first homeopathic approach (ask your homeopath for a basic treatment for the winter. upstream) ; paired with a few dozen drops of Grapefruit Seed Extract and rest, and you will quickly be back on your feet!

For ENT congestion, always have organic essential oils in your pharmacy Ravintsara and Eucalyptus : you will mix 1 to 3 drops of each (depending on the size and age of the patient) in vegetable oil to massage the torso, back and soles of the feet: their antiviral and expectorant properties work miracles.

Finally, after each minor illness, repair your intestinal flora and therefore your immune defenses with a course of probiotics. You are ready to go until spring!


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