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Chestnut: to fill up with energy

Chestnut: to fill up with energy

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Thechestnut (Castanea sativa) is the fruit of chestnut, a tree native to southern Europe and Asia Minor, developed by the Romans. Nicknamed "breadfruit ", The chestnut has provided for centuries the staple food of many peoples of the regions of Europe thanks to its fruits nourishing and energetic, rich in health benefits and virtues, which replaced cereals.

Chestnuts and their health benefits

  • The chestnut (also called chestnut) is a food feeding and energetic which is recommended during convalescence, to the the elderly and for children in full swing growth.
  • Rich in fibers and easy to digest (provided they are well cooked), chestnuts promote digestion other foods and regulates intestinal transit.
  • The chestnut is rich in minerals, in vitamins and in protein : in soup, vegetable or mash, this is an autumn fruit to favor!

Growing the chestnut tree for its benefits

  • If you want to grow chestnut, choose a sunny exposure, well airy. For the floor, all good crumbly garden soil will do if it is good drained and non-calcareous.
  • The chestnut produces two kinds of fruit Chestnut, which has several fruits inside its bug, and chestnut, which has a single solitary seed in its bug, and which produces a larger fruit. A good variety of chestnut produces more chestnuts.

Chestnuts in cooking for their benefits

  • We taste chestnuts in soup or in vegetables, grilled over a wood fire or braised.
  • The flour of chestnut is used to prepare cookies, cakes, bread or pancakes.
  • As to iced brown, it was candied in sugar, it then becomes a dessert or a confectionery, to be consumed in moderation, just for the pleasure!
  • Warning, the chestnut is a product brittle who fear heat and humidity. It can only be kept for a few days, imperatively in the vegetable bin from the refrigerator. After this time, it may rot.

Nutritional intake

Very energetic (180 kcal / 100 g), the chestnut is a relatively high in calories. It contains, in particular, carbohydrates. It also contains a significant amount of fibers which have a favorable action on intestinal transit.

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