December in the garden, all the advice

December in the garden, all the advice

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Here is "finally" the return of the frost and sometimes of the snow which announces very slowly the arrival of Christmas!

If December is not the month that demands the most care in your garden, it is still one of the happiest and most festive months of the year!

Gardening work is relatively limited during this winter month, but it is necessary to prepare as well as possible for the new year which will begin soon.

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Planting trees and shrubs

If the frost has not yet set in in your area, there is still time, at the start of December, to plant your last trees and shrubs.

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If it freezes, postpone your planting plans until early spring. There will still be time to intervene just after the frosts.

Finally, if the ground allows it and it is not too hard, finish the planting bulbs of spring. It will soon be too late, hurry up!

Flowers from the garden, balcony and terrace in December

Christmas is coming and it would be great to plant some winter-blooming flowers!

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It's not too late to protect your plants from the cold.

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Pruning trees and shrubs in December

You can start pruning pear and apple trees outside of frost periods.

  • Follow our advice winter pruning of pome trees.
  • This is also the time to prune the fig trees.

We can finally start pruning the vine, outside of frost periods.

  • Follow our advice vine pruning.

Treatment of fruit trees in December

Winter should be used to spray a winter treatment product before the spring blooms.

It mainly concerns cherry trees, pear trees, apple trees and apricot trees.

  • If you haven't already, remove dead branches and burn them to prevent the spread of disease.

Lawn, grass in winter

Clean your garden of the last fallen leaves in the fall.

The revision of the mower as well as the emptying will allow you to make it more efficient and to keep it much longer.

  • Wait for the arrival of next spring to carry out a renovation of your lawn.

Roses in winter

Protect the feet of your roses by forming a mound of earth on which you can put a vegetable mulch.

This intervention will protect the roots from the cold.

  • The rose bushes takes place at the end of winter.

If pruning has not yet been done, clean the branches of your roses beforehand, removing dead branches and remaining leaves.

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